Website Shout Out: SparkPeople

In the past I’ve found it incredibly hard to find and stick a fitness/health/weight loss website that I’ve genuinely liked, other than FitBit.

SparkPeople lets you do so, so many things. You can log fitness, nutrition weight.

You can also join challenges and teams.

You can add other Spark people and view their member pages.

On your Spark Page you can also add photos, make blog posts, add statuses and so much more.

You can also set goals for yourself, some that aren’t fitness or health related (eg. one of my goals is to write once a week), and most active trackers are compatible with their website. They also have a main app and many, many other apps to offer!

SparkPeople also offers workout videos (SparkTV), recipes (SparkRecipes), articles on all kinds of topics (all of which are social media sharing compatible) and Spark success stories.

I think I’ve covered everything. If there was anything I left out I’m sure you’ll find it if you look around their website!

If you guys have an account already or plan onΒ creating one, add myΒ Spark Page! I’d love for some fitness friends I can do challenges with!

*This post is in no way whatsoever affiliated with SparkPeople. All opinions are my own*

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