My Favourite Way To Workout

There are many, many different ways to workout, but what’s my favourite?

Personally, my favourite workouts are those that workout your entire body. Like jumping jacks, or workout sequences that work your entire body.

I also really enjoy cardio activities, like walking, running, dancing, boxing, the elliptical, hiking, etc.
Image result for running

I really want to get back into dancing and doing it as both a workout and a hobby. I used to do dancing when I was little and absolutely loved it. However, my coordination isn’t near a good as it was then, lol. I Actually really enjoy watching dancing videos and dancing tutorials on YouTube. I’m subscribed to a fair few dancing channels actually!
Image result for hip hop dancing tumblr

I would go to a gym if I lived near one that was actually open more than once a week! When I move in the future I play on joining an Anytime Fitness gym!

So those are some of my favourite ways to workout!

What’s your favourite way to workout?


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