What Keeps Me Motivated?

If I’m honest, I’m not the most motivated person you’ll meet. I have my bad days, and my days where I want to give up on all of it. But eventually I push through. And most of the time that’s because I find myself on Tumblr, Pinterest or YouTube looking at, reading and listening to people’s stories and journeys.

How they used to be as the place I was and they too felt like giving up but they pushed through, and now they’re in a much better place, both mentally and physically.

I follow a lot of fitness/health related people on every social media account I have. So I see a lot of progress pictures and stories about people’s journey to fitness and it honestly makes me so happy to see all these people succeeding. It also reminds me that if they can do it, so can I.

And if I’m ever in a really bad mood and none of the above helps I search motivational quotes and listen to upbeat and happy songs. And usually that does the trick!

This week’s post was a little short so I’m gonna leave you guys with some motivational quotes to keep anyone who needs it motivated!

(All of the below quotes are from QuoteFancy!)



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