Yoga Poses I Want To Achieve

Last week I posted my fitness goals for 2017 and in that post I mentioned some yoga poses that I wanted to achieve. I said in that post that I would have a more detailed post coming out in the future and here it is!

Below is a list of yoga poses I want to achieve in the future. I’ve excluded the seven I mentioned in my 2017 fitness goals post. If you would like to know what seven poses I listed there you can view that post here!

Note: All of the following images were taken from As usual, I have linked each of the poses pages on Forte Yoga!

I’ve divided the following poses into two categories: intermediate and advanced (I can do most beginner poses (or I included them in my 2017 fitness goals post)), according to the Forte website!

I can do some of the intermediate posts already, but I’d like to be able to do them more comfortable and with more flexibility!




Dolphin Plank
I can’t do a plank, well I can, but not for long. I’d like to be able to hold a plank for at least a minute!

Lord Of The Dance

Lotus In Cobra
Lotus in Cobra Yoga Pose

Lying Down Westward

One Leg Supported Shoulderstand

One Legged Arm Balance

One Legged Bridge


Revolved Seated Forward Bend


Supported Headstand

Supported Shoulderstand

Upward Bow

Wide Legged Forward Bend


Arm Balance Scorpion


Eight Angle

Extended Leg Handstand

Feathered Peacock


Flying Crow

Half Lotus Shoulderstand


One Leg Side Crane

King Pigeon

Little Thunderbolt



Reclining Angle

Revolved Knee

Revolved Knee Split

Shoulder Pressing

Standing Split

Tripod Headstand

Twisted One Legged Arm Balance
Twisted One Legged Arm Balance Yoga Pose

Upward Facing Two Foot Staff

What yoga pose do you want to achieve?


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