My Favourite Healthy Snacks

So, what are my favourite healthy snacks? If I’m honest, there’s a lot, a whole lot. But for the sake of this post and everyone’s attention spans, I’m only going to list a few of my top favourites!

Fruit Infused Water
This is more of a drink throughout the day than it is a snack, but nonetheless I still love them. Cucumber, blueberry and lemon is my favourite combination!
Image result for fruit infused water

Fruit Chips
Personally, apples, bananas and strawberries are my favourite baked/dehydrated fruits. But let’s be real, most fruits make amazing baked chips!
Image result for banana chips

Vegetables & Almond Butter
I’m not a fan of peanut butter (hence why I said almond), but almond butter works just as well when it comes to dipping vegetables such as carrot and celery in it!
(yes I know it’s peanut butter in the picture)
Image result for almond butter and celery

There are so, so many different combinations of nice-cream you can make and honestly, every single one of them are my favourite!
Image result for nicecream

And last but not least, fruit bowls!
How can you not love a good old bowl of mixed fruit?!
Image result for fruit bowls tumblr

What’s your favourite healthy snack?


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