2017 Fitness Goals

So it’s come to that time again, the time of the year when we talk about our goals for the following year. So that’s what I’m here to do!

Below are some of the fitness related goals I have for 2017 (basically a bucket list)!

  • Start doing more yoga. Therefore be able to do the following beginner poses with ease (there’s more (difficult) poses I’d like to achieve but this is a start!);
    ΞΏΒ Upward Revolved Knee to Head
    ΞΏΒ Mermaid
    ΞΏΒ Compass
    ΞΏΒ Big Toe
    ΞΏΒ Full Seated Boat
    ΞΏΒ Seated Forward Bend
    ΞΏΒ Standing Half Forward Bend
    – A more detailed post on which poses I’d like to achieve coming soon!
  • Improve my flexibility (end goal; to be able to do the splits)
  • Be able to do a push-up, easily
  • Be able to do a cart wheel
  • Do 100 sit ups in 5 minutes
  • Lose 60Β pounds in a year
  • Exercise daily
  • Get a gym membership
  • Start playing a sport (I’d love to play football (soccer) but where I live doesn’t offer it! πŸ˜’)
  • Learn to dance
  • Become vegan (by the end of the year I’d like to have transitioned into full veganism or close to doing so)

I’ll probably add to this list some time during the year.

Do you have any 2017 fitness goals?


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