5 Things I Love About Myself

Initially I wasn’t going to include this question in the blog challenge because really, there isn’t that many things I like about myself. But I realized it’s good to acknowledge and talk about what you like about yourself every now and then. It helps your self esteem and confidence grow.

So what are 5 things I like about myself? Let’s see!

Ps. prepare for a butt load of pictures of me. A lot of which will be from a billion years ago, and have cringy snapchat captions! πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚

1. My hair
Although it’s not the exact colour I wish it was (and there’s a mountain of regrowth I need to fix), I actually really like it. I enjoy colouring and styling my hair. I find it relaxing.
Hair .jpg2016-09-24-0112016-10-01-012

2. My Eyes
Ever since I can remember I’ve liked the colour of my eyes. They’re like a blue-grey type colour. Sometimes I wish they were more blue, but I still like them. I just hate that they suck, and I can’t see 😭

3. My Creativity
This one can be taken in different ways. I also have many different reasons for liking my creativity. One being my blogs, I’ve managed to post consistently for over a year despite everything that’s happened this year. I also like my interior design style and my photography style.
Interior Design.jpghellophotography

4. My Taste For Adventure
To clichΓ©? Oh well. I really do like that I have the urge to want to travel everywhere. I want to visit every part of the world some day. I want to see and explore many, many places I’ve seen in photos for years. I want to live in every continent. I just want to travel, forever.

5. My Style
This one I can’t show you pictures of because I’m broke asf and can’t afford the clothes I like! But Still, I quite like my taste in clothes.

What’s something you like about yourself?


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