My Favourite Sports Brand!

So what’s my favourite sports brand?

Well Nike, obviously!

Even though I really don’t own anything Nike. But I don’t exactly own any clothing from other well known sports brands either. All the workout gear I own is home brand and a lesser known brand.

All my workout shirts are by Target Active.
Image result for target active t shirts shopping is my cardioImage result for target active t shirt fear less


My leggings and ya pants are either from Kmart’s Active & Co or Big W’s Emerson range.
Image result for big w emerson fearless leggings

And my shoes are from wherever I can get them. I have an old pair of AsicsΒ that I still wear occasionally and a pair from Kmart!

Personally if I had the money to afford workout clothes from brands like Nike, Adidas, Lorna Jane, Michelle Bridges, etc. I would own a million or more clothing items from each and every brand.

What’s your favourite sports brand?


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