Do I Believe In Diets?

Do I believe in diets, dietary supplements, or meal replacement foods? 

If you’re asking for my honest answer; I believe they work or certain people (because I know close friends who have used replacement meals and dietary supplements and have seen them lose weight but I also know people who have tried it and it hasn’t worked at all) but I don’t believe people should be using them.

Before I continue talking, it’s my personal opinion that vegetarianism and veganism are lifestyles not diets.

I don’t believe in restricting yourself to eating certain types of foods for a certain amount of time, or the rest of your life for that matter. I believe in trying new foods and keeping your options and mind open when it comes to food. There are so many good foods but also a lot of bad foods.

I believe in a healthy lifestyle, including fitness, health and your every day activities, not just what foods you put into your body at set times.

I believe in cheat days and treating yourself every once in a while.

You can have a healthy lifestyle without having to be on a diet.

As for diet pills and meal replacements, I think they’re all bullshit. All they do is restrict you from eating the food that’s naturally good for you by giving you artificially made food that’s meant to be good for you. And when you go off them your body gets confused.

I think all they do is cause your stomach to shrink, which in turn lowers your appetite and makes you feel fuller quicker, which isn’t always the best. Having a large stomach is perfectly fine. You get to eat more of the good and luxurious foods without feeling guilty.

It’s incredibly easy to fall off either path you wish to follow, so choose which lifestyle you would rather put your body (and mind) through.

So that’s how I feel about diets, dietary supplements and meal replacement meals.

Do you believe in diets?


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