15 More Food Hacks

AroundΒ two months ago I made a post listing 15 food hacks I thought everyone should know. When I was looking for these 15 hacks I found so many that I thought I should do a second posts to list even more! So here are 15 more food hacks.

You can check out the first 15 food hacks here!

1. Β Weight Loss Tip
If you’re trying to lose weight, try not eating four hours before bed (instead of 30 minutes), it’ll make a huge difference!

2. Leftover Pizza
When reheating leftover pizza put a small glass of water in the microwave with the pizza. This will prevent the pizza crust from getting all chewy and gross.

3. Healthy Popcorn
Popcorn contains more antioxidants than most vegetables. Who knew you favourite movie snack was actually healthy!

4. Detox Water
For the ultimate detox water put 1/2 a cucumber, 1 slice of lime, 1 sprig of mint leaves and water into a water bottle and drink it throughout the day.

5.Β Fulfilling
Don’t eat until you’re full, eat until you’re no longer hungry.

6. Boredom Cure?
If you find yourself frequently looking in the fridge or pantryΒ for food and not finding anything, drink the biggest glass of water you can find. It’ll fill you up and you’ll no longer feelΒ the need to look in the fridge or pantry.

7. Ninja In Training
For fast (ninja like) reflexes eat more spinach and eggs. They both increase your reflexes and make your vision sharper.

8. Pizzzzzzzaa
Pizza Compass, is an app that will guide you to the nearest pizza place.

9. More Flavour
Want to make your chips taste better? Open the packet from the bottom. Then you’ll be eating all the chips with the most flavouring (because the flavour sinks to the bottom).

10. Watermelon Steak
Did you know, when you barbecue watermelon it loses its granular texture, making it an amazing meat substitute.

11. Rainbows
The different coloured ties on bread indicate when they were shipped to the store.
Blue: Monday
Green: Tuesday
Red:Β Thursday
White:Β Friday
Yellow:Β Saturday

12. Happycado
Eating avocados can make you happier. Avocados boost serotonin in the brain.

13. Slow And Steady Wins The Race
Eating your food slower will help you to lose weight, enjoy your food, reduce stress and lead to better digestion. Eating your food slowly will also help you to feel fuller quicker.

14. Flat Lettuce?
When buy a whole lettuce find the flattest bag. When the lettuce are pack their air is sucked out. And as the lettuce ages it produces a gas, therefore making the mag puffier.

15. Food Math
The simple math of eating;
Protein + Carbs = Muscle Gain
Protein + Fat = Maintenance
Protein + Vegetables = Fat Loss

How many of these hacks did you know?


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