How Healthy Am I?

Initially when I added this questions to the challenge prompts I didn’t know that there were online quizzes and tests you could take to see how healthy you are. But now that I know that I’ve decided to take some of them and share my results with y’all!

Before I take the quizzes I’d like to first talk about how healthy I think I am (then I can reflect on that after I see what my results are).

Personally, I think I am healthy, but I could be a lot healthier if I tried harder (which I am, slowly). Physically I don’t look very healthy, but it often starts with the mental side before the physical side begins to show results.

I’ve been interested in health and fitness for a long time now but I’ve only just started getting into learning how your body works (mentally and physically) when it comes it fitness and healthy living.

Anyways, let’s get onto the quizzes!

Quiz number one: The Healthy Eating Quiz
I got a pretty good score for this one. Much better than I expected in most areas. This quiz asked me a lot of person questions at the beginning, so it knew my age, weight, height and that I was vegetarian. Personally, I think this quiz was the most accurate and most rewarding/informing.

Quiz number two: How Healthy Am I? by The Independent
I scored an 8 on this quiz which tbh, I think was a little too high for my actual lifestyle. I believe I’m more of a 6-7. Either way, this quiz also gave incredibly helpful results.

Quiz number three: How Healthy Are You? by Jason Shon Bennett
I scored 48 for this quiz, putting me in the “pre=-ill” category.

This quiz didn’t have any pre-questions so it’s hard to tell whether or not you’re in the right category for your age/height/weight. But they did include vegetarian related questions!

Quiz number four: Are You Healthy? by All The Tests
For this quiz I got mostly A’s which puts me into the “Unhealthy” category. Personally I find this quiz to be mainly aimed at meat eaters. There were no options for vegetarianism/veganism. It didn’t take into account food related allergies. And there weren’t any pre-questions.

I exercise regularly and I eat pretty damn well so I’m not sure where this quiz got my results from. Especially if you compare the results I got from the other quizzes I completed.

Quiz number five: Healthy Lifestyle Test by Queendom
For this quiz I scored a 69 (ha, ha). This quiz tells me what aspects I am doing well in and what aspects I can and should change. It also suggests that I’m living okay, but it could be better. These are the type of results I expect from most quizzes. Rather than telling you you’re wither completely right, or completely wrong.

Do you consider yourself healthy?


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