Do I Have A Goal Weight?

Personally, I do have a goal weight however I will not being disclosing what that number is. To me, being healthy is better than weighing a certain amount. Don’t get me wrong, I have my goal weights like everyone else does, but they’re not as important to me, as remaining healthy and sticking to a regular exercise routine.

I have a set of health/fitness related goals that I’d like to achieve sometime in the near future, so I thought I’d some (not all) of them there!

Note: these are health/fitness specific goals (e.g running, walking, yoga milestones), not things I’d like to do as a result of being healthy (e.g wear crop tops, wear short shorts, etc). I’ve also excluded any mental goals (e.g feel comfortable in a bikini).

  • Run 10km (6.2 miles) in an hour
  • Be able to touch my toes easily (while standing and sitting)
  • Be able to do the splits
  • Drop 2 dress sizes
  • Drop a cup size
  • Walk for 30 minutes everyday
  • Workout five days a week, and do yoga two days
  • Join a gym
  • Join a gym glass
  • Join a sport (is join the right word? Lol)

Do you haveΒ any health/fitness specific goals?


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