20 Fitness Facts About Me

For week two’s blog challenge the prompt was the say 5 not so basic facts about myself, all of which were personal rather than fitness related because I knew I was going to be making this post!

Below are 20 facts about myself, relating to health, fitness and my journey throughout the past few years!

1. Before I went vegetarian the only non processed meat I’ve ever tried was chicken and I hated it. I only ever ate processed meat, and very little of it at that.

2. I dislike a lot of foods but beans is by far the food I dislike most.

3. I was forced (I couldn’t go to recess if until I ate one of them) by my grade two literacy teacher to eat either alfalfa sprouts and Vegemite or celery and peanut butter, and that’s the story of how I found my love for Vegemite.

Bonus fact (non food) – that same teacher also yelled at me for trying to correct my own spelling mistakes.

4. I used to eat one food constantly until I hated it. When I would start disliking said food I would turn to another food. I would repeat this all the time.

5. The idea and thought of eating meat turns me off food. I don’t like the look, texture or taste of real or fake meat. If I were able to buy non meat alternatives where I live, I wouldn’t.

6. I really, really like dried fruit. Dried banana chips are my favourite with dried blueberries coming a close second.

7. I don’t eat faux meat because I don’t like the texture. And it tastes too much like real meat (which it obviously the entire point) and I really don’t like the taste of real meat.

8. I can eat limes and lemons by themselves. I actually really like them.

9. I was never skinny. I’ve always been bigger, ever since I was little.

10. I’m a huge fan of watching Supersize vs Superskinny and Embarrassing Bodies.

11. I used to take dancing classes when I was little. The teacher moved away and i never continued after that, I wish I did!

12. I have an iron deficiency and have to take a tablet because of it. I’ve had this since before I was vegetarian because I never ate meat anyways, so it’s been around a while.

13. I cannot stand the smell of cooked/cooking egg, meat or broccoli (even though I actually really like broccoli). Nor can I stand the smell of cinnamon.

14. Speaking of cinnamon, I absolutely hate it. The smell, the taste, all of it. There’s also a high chance I have an intolerance to it too.

15. In April of 2014 I made a tumblr account dedicated to everything fitness and health. Initially, I created it as a second account for inspiration and motivation but it gained so many followers it now has more than my main account. I now use my fitness tumblr more than my main tumblr.

16. I keep multiple fitness journals, and an online diary of what I eat. I keep these so I can keep track of my good and bad days, so I can learn and better myself in the future.

17. I’m a huge fan of fitness, food and cooking stickers. I have a tonne of scented fruit stickers that I smell all the time! I used to buy scented food stickers all the time as a child.

18. I have a multitude of fitness/health apps on my phone including; FitBit, FitRPG, Fit Girls, Headspace, My Fitness Pal, Nike + Run Club, Spark People, Spark Recipes, Sweat and many, many more. I absolutely love fitness/health apps.

19. I don’t own any name brand workout clothes/shoes. Also, all of my workout gear is either black and pink or black and turquoise.

20. I’ve never had sushi.

What’s a fitness/health fact about yourself?


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