Blog Challenge 2

Originally when I started my blog challenge I loved it, I still do. But I don’t think the “normal” type of blog challenges fit on this blog. Some of the prompts fit well being on this blog, but others not so much.

So for the second blog challenge I’ve decided to create my own. A fitness and health related blog challenge.

Below are 30 questions I chose for this challenge. Some I made up myself, others I found circulating online.

Are you vegan/vegetarian? If yes, why did you choose the vegan/vegetarian lifestyle? If no, would you ever consider it?

What is your goal weight? Why this number?

On a scale from 1-10 how healthy are you? (10 is very healthy)

Do you believe diets, diet supplements, or meal replacement foods (such as shakes and protein bars) actually work?

What is your favourite sports brand?

Are there any fitness accounts (Tumblr, Instagram etc) you follow?

Name 5 things you love about yourself.

What are the highest and lowest weights you’ve been at?

What are you favourite healthy snack alternatives?

What are you favourite cheat day foods?

What keeps you motivated?

What is your favourite way to exercise?

When do you exercise? Why that time?

How long do you usually work out for?

Do you play sport?

Are you happy in your own skin?

Do you think you can make a big improvement by the end of the year?

Do you take progress pictures?

Do you believe in treating yourself?

What is your favourite breakfast food?

Do you have a fitness buddy? Or someone you regularly work out with?

Do you weigh yourself regularly?

Do you count calories?

Have you ever been to a nutritionist (or another health/fitness professional)?

Do you have a workout playlist? What’s on it?

How many times a week do you work out?

Have you made any new friends since starting your fitness journey?

3 things that annoy you about other people (to do with fitness)

5 Reasons why you recommend someone starts a healthy lifestyle.

What is your ultimate goal? Why are you doing this?

Fitness Challenge.jpg

Please, feel free to participate in this challenge also!


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