DIY Fitness Related Halloween Decor

With my main blog, I realized that this post should have been one of the firsts, but oh well!

Anyways, Halloweek day 7 is all about DIY fitness related decor! If you’re really into fitness and Halloween, why not make some fitness related DIY decor items for your home, or a party? Below are 3 of my favourite DIY fitness related decor items!

Fitness Carved Pumpkins
Everyone carves pumpkins on Halloween, so why not some fitness designs. You could do this easy dumbbell, or if you’re feeling a little more creative, these weight lifters.

If you’re not a big fan of pumpkin carving, you could always use a pumpkin as a kettlebell, and lift it.
Image result for weight lifting pumpkinOr if you’re a big fan of cross fit, there’s this awesome design.
Image result for halloween crossfit

Creative Kettlebells
Speaking of kettlebells, decorating one as a pumpkin, or your favourite Halloween character is such an awesome idea!
Image result for halloween crossfitImage result for fitness kettlebell pumpkinsImage result for fitness kettlebell pumpkins

Fitness Word Banner
I couldn’t actually find any specific pictures of what I was talking about. But I did find this awesome Spring banner (from My Paper Craze) which is similar to what I was talking about.

You could make the same thing but with Halloween colours and some fitness-y words!
Image result for diy banner

Which of these DIY’s would you like to try?


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