Alcoholic Halloween Drinks

Halloweek Day 6!

On Halloween day 2 I listed a series of my favourite Halloween related drinks, none of which were alcoholic. So I thought for today’s post I would list some alcohol Halloween related drinks. Because adult celebrate Halloween too!

Please note; I have not tried any of these drinks, as I’m underage (I don’t like drinking anyways).

Please drink responsibly.Β 

Black Magic Jello Shots
These bold, blue jello shots would be perfect for a Halloween party. I bet no one else has blue drinks on Halloween! Made by Julie at Bread, Booze, Bacon!
Black Magic Jello Shots are a fun layered cocktail that's perfect for your Halloween party!

Witches Brew Cocktail
These smiley, green drinks, made by Julie at Recipe Diaries, would make an awesome addition to all the other amazing Halloween treats you’ve made!
Witch's Brew Cocktail

Candy Corn Jello Cups
Of course I had to include a candy corn related drink in this list! And I thought that these adorable jelly shots, made by Jen at Cindy Shopper, would be the perfect candy corn drink!
Candy Corn Jello - Super fun and easy Jell-O dessert for fall and Halloween treat.

Black Widow Venom
When I saw this I immediately knew I had to include it in this list. Look at it omg. This incredible cocktail is made by Gina at The Shabby Creek Cottage.
Image result for liqueur

Shark Bite
This cocktail, made by Mix That Drink, is definitely a unique Halloween drink, but still awesome!
Image result for easy mixed drinks recipes

The Blackbeard
This drink is honestly the best thing I’ve seen. It’s literally a pitch black coloured drink. Made by Todd at Honestly Yum.
Image result for blackbeard cocktail

Hocus Pocus Halloween Punch
This adorable orange, Hocus Pocus punch, made by Jen at Nourished Simply, would be perfect for a party.
Image result for drink

Liquified Ghost
Of course we need a ghost related drink, so why not make this liquified ghost cocktail? Made by Smarty Had A Party!
Halloween Inspired Cocktails: Liquified Ghost |

Mr. Hyde Potion
This post is containing drinks from all colours of the rainbow, lol. This science-t potion, made byΒ Sam Henderson at HGTV, looks pretty damn amazing.
Image result for halloween cocktails

Pumpkin Pie Shots
What a Halloween blog post without something pumpkin pie related? A very boring post. This pumpkin pie drink is made by Dan at Mantitlement.
Image result for cup

Which of these costumes was your favourite?


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