Fitness Related Halloween Costumes

Halloweek Day 5!

For today’s Halloweek post I will be listing some of my favourite fitness related Halloween costumes!

Richard Simmons
Come on, it’s a pretty awesome costume.
Image result for richard simmons costume

80’s Dancer // 80’s Aerobics
Something from theΒ 80’s is always a great costume option so why not an 80’s dancer?
Image result for fitness halloween costumeImage result for 80's workout clothes men

Your Favourite Sports Team
Everyone got a favourite sports team. Why not go as a star from that team or even a fan?
Image result for footwearImage result for sports halloween costumes men

Don’t want to be a sports star? Be a referee!
Image result for clothingImage result for costume ideas for teenage girls

Pretty basic costume idea. (This Sandy inspired cheerleader costume is pretty cool though).
Image result for cheerleader halloween costume adultsImage result for zombie cheerleader halloween costume

Zombie Cheerleader
But if you’d like to be a little more creative zombie cheerleader costumes are pretty awesome.
Image result for zombie cheerleader costumeImage result for zombie costume for women

Zombie Football Player
Going with the above theme, if you’re looking for a couples costume idea, a zombie cheerleader and a zombie football player would be an alright combination!
Image result for dead football player costume

An easy Halloween costume that you can buy or make yourself!
Image result for boxer halloween costumeImage result for boxer halloween costume

The Olympics were this year, so why not go as a gymnast?
Image result for gymnast halloween costume

And last, but not least. Be a superhero! Superheroes are constantly saving the world. Running, jumping and flying! That’s pretty fitness-y. (I just had to use a picture from the Halloween episode of Bones)
Image result for superwoman emily deschanelImage result for superman halloween costume adult

Which of these costumes was your favourite?


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