Halloween Drinks

Day 2 of Halloweek. Yesterday was food, meaning of course today is drinks! Below is a list of a bunch of Halloween themed drinks I found and would love to try!

Halloween Drinks
These adorable and spooky Halloween drinks made by Kimbo at A Girl& A Glue Gun, are perfect for a party!
easy halloween drinks with peep straws and eyeballs

Candy Corn Fruit Cocktail
A fruit filled cocktail made by Corey at Family Fresh Meals!

Wormy Orange Punch

Vampire Ice Cream Floats
This adorable vampire themed drink is perfect for a halloween party, and it’s kid friendly! Made by AmyΒ Locurto at Living Locurto.

Ghost Milkshakes
These scary ghost milkshakes are the perfect treat, made by Kim at The TomKat Studio.

Hocus Pocus Halloween Punch
These pumpkin drinks are absolutely fabulous! Made by Jen at Nourished Simply!
Halloween party drinks are often filled with artificial colors and flavors. This Hocus Pocus Halloween Punch is free of artificial colors and dyes.

Witches Potion
These cute witches potions are made byΒ Kristyn at Lil’ Luna.
Witch's Potion Drink recipe - a chilled Lime and Pineapple mixture that is bubble and perfect for your next Halloween party! Get the recipe on { lilluna.com }

Polyjuice Potion Recipe
As soon as I seen this I knew it was being included. This awesome Harry Potter recipe is made by Maria at This Grandma Is Fun.
Looking for Harry Potter potion recipes? This Polyjuice Potion Recipe is the perfect punch for your next Harry Potter Party! It is so easy to make!

Halloween Hot Cocoa
Of course I had to include one winter-related Halloween drink. This hot cocoa is made by Corey at Family Fresh Meals.

Voodoo Halloween Drink
This voodoo drink is made by Jennifer at I Save A-Z.

Which of these Halloween themed drinks would you like to try?


Halloweek Day 1


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