BC Week 29 – Something I Want To Change About My Life

I mentioned in last week’s blog challenge that I wanted to change a few things in my life, one of which I spoke about in that post. The other one I said I would talk about in the next post. And here we are.

Something I want to change about my life?

Where I live.

In the near future I want to move to Melbourne. But ultimately I want to live on a farm just outside the city.

Ever since I can remember I’ve lived in the same, boring, small ass town. My dad’s originally from Melbourne and we’ve travelled there a few times (once that I can remember) so I guess that might be one of the reasons why I want to move to Melbourne and not another city.

I knew I didn’t want to move to Sydney. I’ve been there twice (2013 & 2014) and although I was only there for a few days each time I hated it. It was was too crowded. Nobody was nice. Trams are everywhere. It takes you an hour to move 5 kilometres. And it’s polluted as all hell.

I knew the first time I went to Sydney that I never wanted to move there. But I always wanted to move to the city. So Melbourne was my next option. And I’ve kinda stuck to it ever since.

I have family in the Melbourne area so I wouldn’t be completely alone. And it’s only a few hours from where I currently live, meaning it wouldn’t be a hassle to drive back and visit my mum (and close family) if I needed too.

If I could, I would already be living in Melbourne but money, age, time, y’know all that jazz, is currently preventing me from doing so. But soon enough I’ll be living in Melbourne.

So, that’s something I want to change about my life.

Do you like where you live? If you could live anywhere, where would you live?


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