BC Week 23 – Things I Love

What are six things in my bedroom that I love?

My bedroom is basically my own little house (until I have my own house). I’ve tried to put every room into this one room and it’s not succeeded very well.

But anyways, I’ve got a LOT of things in my room and of course I have my favourites! So here are 6 of my favourite items in my bedroom.

1. My Books
They’re so intriguing to look at

2. My Bed
Is this too much of a clichΓ©? Β My bed takes up a lot of the space in my room so it’s a given that it would be one of my favourites.

3. My Audrey Hepburn & Marilyn Monroe Photos
I have two framed photos hanging above my bed. One is of Marilyn Monroe and the other is of Audrey Hepburn!

4. My Scentsy Warmer
My mum is a representative for Scentsy so we own a lot of Scentsy products. I have a few warmers, one of which is currently active in my room. It makes my room smell absolutely amazing!

5. Archie
Like 7 or 8 years agoΒ my mum used to make reborn dolls (google it). One of the first ones she made was a boy with red hair (Archie). She reckoned she messed up his hair by giving him too much so she said I could have him. I’ve had him ever since and he’s probably my favourite doll I’ve ever owned.
Ipod Photos 352.JPG

6. Eggmund & Stevie
These two are another product from Scentsy. They’re small-ish plushie animals (called buddies) that you put a scent pak ((yes it’s spelt like that) square thing full of little beads that are full of a certain fragrance) into and said smell will run though the buddy. These are made for kids bedrooms (obviously) but because my mum is a representative we have a bunch of them.

How scent pak’s work with the Scentsy buddies!

What’s your favourite thing in your bedroom?


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