BC Week 21 – Movies That Make Me Cry

This post could have potentially been the longest blog post I’ve ever made. A lot of movies make me cry and I mean A LOT. I don’t watch many sad/tragic movies but I am a very emotional person, so the smallest of movie scenes can make me emotional, no matter what they genre of the movie is.

I tried my best to explain why and where in each movie I cried but some of these movies just made me an emotional wreck from start to finish.

I’m pretty sure that I’ve cried at least once in every movie I’ve seen more than once. I will almost always find something to tear up about lmao.

Please note that I haven’t seen very many stereotypical sad movies, so 99% of the movies in this list aren’t going to be movies you’d expect someone to cry in.

Note: there are NO movie spoilers in this post!

The Vow, Charlie St Cloud, The Lucky One
You know, the typical sad movies. No more “typical sad dramas” will be included in this list lol.

I saw this for the first timeΒ in the cinema, in 3D and I cried. Watched it for a second time, without 3D and still cried.

Struck By Lightning
The reason I cried in this movie is a spoiler so..

There’s some sad scenes in this movie!

My Girl
If you’ve seen this movie, you know exactly when I cried in this movie.

Footloose (2011 version)
Even though this is my favourite movie when I first seen it I cried, twice, at the beginning and at the end.

The Boy In Stripped Pajamas
If you haven’t seen this movie, don’t, because you’ll cry during the entire thing. But also, do, because it’s an amazing movie!

Everyone cried in this movie.
Image result for up carl and ellie

A Girl Like Her
This is a given. It’s a movie about bullying, any movie about bullying will make my cry like a baby.

The Sapphires
There’s a war scene, how do you not cry?

Easy A
I don’t even know why I cried in this movie. I’m such an emotional person lmao.

Inside Out
Same as Struck By Lightning, the scene where I cried will give away a part of the movie.

Soul Surfer
Again, this is a given.

Stand By Me
It has a sad backstory. And River Phoenix 😭

Harry Potter
I cried at least three times in all eight movies.

Let The Right One In
It’s about an abnormal love story, it’s cute okay!

Home Alone
I’m an emotional person..

Cheaper By The Dozen
There’s sad moments!

Annie (1982 version)
The back story of this movie had me in tears. And the dog!

Angus Thongs & Perfect Snogging
I watched this movie recently and I’m pretty sure I cried during the entire thing. I must have been in an emotional mood that night.

What movies make you cry?


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