BC Week 20 – Daily Routines

I don’t really have any unique daily routines, but there are things that I usually do every day. Below are a few of the things I do (almost) every day, including theΒ obvious.

I don’t really have a set sleeping schedule so I wake up whenever, it sucks, I know. Recently I’ve been waking up between 4 and 5am.

As soon as I wake up I check my phone. Mainly to see what time it is and if I have any text messages I need to reply too.

Depending on how I feel, sometimes I check my social medias and go on Pinterest for a while or I get up. Lately I’ve been staying in bed longer because the weather it’s Winter and it’s like -3Β° at 4am.

When I do finally get up, I either work out or just I shower. If I work out I will definitely shower after. Usually I shower in the mornings anyway. I prefer to shower in the morning because it wakes me up and gets my ready for the day.

After I’ve showered I make myself some tea. Sometimes I eat breakfast with my tea, other times I wait about half an hour before making myself breakfast. What I have for breakfast really depends on the mood I’m in and what the weathers like. In Winter I have oatmeal a lot, and in Summer I have smoothies or smoothie bowls.

How the rest of my day pans out will depend on whether I have set tasks to do that day. If I have something that needs to be done I will try and finish said tasks as soon as I can. If I don’t have anything that needs to be done I’ll most likely do some things that I want to do. If there’s nothing that I want to do I’ll mostly likely watch Netflix (yeahhhh), read or organize my things (I do that a lot actually).

If I do have something I need or want to do I will most likely have something playing in the background, whether that be a tv show, a movie or music. I always like something to be playing in the background, even if I’m not explicitly paying attention to what’s playing.

When the day comes to an end I will start to get myself ready to sleep. Sometimes I will read, other times I will do some yoga or listen to some calming music (without words).

When it comes time for me to actually go to sleep. I turn all my electronics off and place them somewhere that’s away from my reach, at the moment I they sit on my desk. Sometimes I will have my phone because I’ll listen to some sort of rain music (when it’s not actually raining, of course).

Depending on the amount of physical activity I’ve done that day, sometimes I do shower at night, other times I only shower in the mornings.

So that’s basically my day in a nutshell, if we’re not specifically talking about a certain day!

Do you have any daily routines?


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