Tv Show Workouts 3.0

Previously I’ve done two of these posts (hence the 3.0) and I really wanted to do another one but this time I’ve decided to separate the tv shows and moviesΒ into two different posts. So this week is tv showΒ workouts and next week will be movieΒ workouts!

If you don’t understand what a tv show or movie workout is you can view the other posts I’ve madeΒ here! Also if you’re looking for a certain tv show or movie workout be sure to check out my first two posts to see if the what you’re looking for is there!

Feel free to comment tv show and/or movie suggestions and I might do a 4th edition!

Friends Workout.jpgGossip GirlGrey's AnatomyHow I Met Your MotherNCISNew GirlThe OfficeOnce Upon A TimeParks And RecreationSupernatural

Tv Shows Included:
Gossip Girl
Grey’s Anatomy
How I Met Your Mother
New Girl
The Office
Once Upon A Time
Parks & Recreation

Do you workout while watching tv shows?

πŸ“ πŸ‰

If used don’t edit any of them and give credit please!


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