15 More Fitness Hacks

One of my first fitness related blog posts of 2016 was about 15 fitness hacks. I liked doing that post and there’s a tonne of different fitness hacks, so I thought I’d give you 15 more!

1. Running
LoosingΒ one pound of fat requires you to run for over 3Β hours.Β If you run for around 30 minutes a day you’ll loose a pound a week!

2. More Green Tea
I know I had a fitness hack about green tea in my last post but itΒ really is a miracle food (drink?). If you drink 5 cups of green tea a day it will speed up your metabolism helping you loose weight faster. Mostly around your stomach area!

3. Lemons
Putting lemons in your water will help your body to remove toxins.Β Your skin will show the differences first.

4. Hunger
If you’re hungry, ask yourself if you want an apple. If the answer is no you’re probably just bored, not hungry. If this happens drink some water instead!

5. Small Is Key
If you’re struggling to keep your portion sizes down user smaller dishes. If you use a smaller dish it’ll look like you have more food to eat even thought it’s the same amount.

6. 100 Calories
Don’t like working out at the gym? Do this instead:

40Β jumping jacks
30Β crunches
20Β squats
10Β push ups

This workout will burn 100 calories and won’t take you that long. You can even do it multiple times during your day to burn more calories

7. Honey
If you have any pimples put a dab of honey on it and cover it with a bandaid. Leave it on overnight and when you wake up the pimple will be gone andΒ it won’t leave a scar

8. Jog.fm
If you’re planning on going running the jog.fm app will select music for you based on the pace you’re running!

9. Slow And Steady
The slower you eat your food the faster you’ll feel full. If you eat your food too fast is can confuse your body into thinking you haven’t eaten as much as you did. It’ll also make you sick so eat slower next time you have a meal.

10. Stressed?
If you’re feeling stressed or overworkedΒ www.donothingfor2minutes.comΒ allows you to sit and do nothing for 2 minutes.Β If you touch your keyboard or move your mouse the clock resets back to 2 minutes. They also play incredibly calming waves in the background.

11. Yellow Teeth
Yellow teeth are proven to be stronger. Our teeth are naturally a light yellow colour. Whitening your teeth can permanently weaken them.

12. Acne Treatment
If you’re having issues with acne buy seven towels and put a new one on your pillow each night. At the end of the week wash them all.

13. Nap Time
Taking 20 minute naps during the day help to improve your metabolism and the quality of sleep you get during the night

14. Sorry Tony
You can instantly improve your diet by eliminating foods that have a mascot.

15. Sleep
Sleeping on your right side helps you fall asleep quicker than sleeping on your leftΒ side.

How many of these fitness hacks did you know about?


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