BC Week 18 – My Favourite Place

I haven’t exactly been many places around the world, or the country I live in either so for this post I thought I’d describe what I think it’d be like to go to my one of the places that are on the top of my bucket list.

This place is on the other side of the world from where I live, which really doesn’t say much seeing as I live in the northern hemisphere.

I’ve wanted to visit this place ever since I was little. It’s kind of the place everyone goes too when they travel. Well in my opinion it is.

I’ve been interestedΒ in visiting this place ever since I had to do a presentation on it for school. I also took their language for a year when I was in grade seven.

I remember watching a movie with the Olsen twins and just wanting to pack my bags and leave straight for that city.

Honestly though, this place is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Both in pictures, movies and videos. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to see such beauty in person yet.

Everything about this place fascinates me greatly. Their language, their cuisine, their landmarks, their shops, their culture, their history.

Just imagine sitting at a table outside of a small country town cafe will some tea (I don’t like coffee) and a good book! Ahh, I can’t wait to one day walk the streets of this beautiful place.

A extended vacation to this place is definitely on my before I die list! One day I would love to live there. Even if it were only for a few months.

Can you guess which city I was talking about?

If you didn’t already guess, the place I was talking about was Paris, France.


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