Yoga Positions For Intermediates

Just over a month ago I did a blog post listing a bunch of yoga poses for beginners, this week I thought I’d list some intermediate yoga poses!

Like I did with the last post, the following images have been taken from Forte Yoga, if you would like to know more information about Forte Yoga you can view their website here, or check out my last yoga positions post here!

Revolving Beam

One Legged Bridge

Revolved Half Moon

Supported Shoulderstand

Lotus In Cobra
Lotus in Cobra Yoga Pose

Reclining Hero

Half Frog Pigeon


Lord Of The Dance

Extended Hand To Big Toe



Reclining Angel

Revolved Knee To Head IV

Cow Face

One Leg King Pigeon



Half Lord Of The Fishes

Revolved Head To Knee

Upward Bow

Which of these poses was your favourite?


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