BC Week 14 – My Everyday Inspiration

If I’m honest, a lot of things give me everyday inspiration. I can think of a few things that I look at/use daily to get inspiration. And that’s what I’m going to be talking about, five of the things I use for everyday inspiration!

1. Brainy Quote’s Daily Quote
Brainy Quote is one of the most popular websites/apps for getting/looking at quotes. Every day they have a new featured quote. The Brainy Quote allows you to use the daily quote widget which is what I use. I look at it everyday and sometimes it really helps when you’re just not feeling it.

2. Music
This ones an obvious one. Music can put you in all sorts of moods. I listen to music every single day and most of the time I list to a music style that suits how I want my day to go. For example, I’ll listen to slower/calmer songs when I’m having a relaxing type of day but when I need to get stuff done I’ll listen to upbeat and fast tempered music.

I have different playlists for what type of moods I’m in/what type of mood I want to be in. I even have playlists for when I’m writing about a certain topic/genre.

3. Tumblr
If I’m ever in need on instant inspiration I go on tumblr, Mainly my fitness tumblr because it is inspiration/motivation themed. Tumblr always has inspiring posts and images. When in doubt, Tumblr!

4. Nature
Nature is always inspiring. Just going outside and admiring how beautiful and serene it is something I will never get sick of. It’s just so lovely.

5. YouTube
Personally, going on YouTube and watching videos from people that I enjoy watching inspires me to pursue the dreams that I want to and to take the steps that would get me there. Seeing people living their dreams and doing what they love, makes me want to do the same!

What gives you daily inspiration?

// This blog post is in no way whatsoever associated with Brainy Quote \\


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