Winter Workouts

Working out in Winter can be a pain seeing as our options are limited due to the cold weather. But, don’t give up yet! There are still effective ways to get a good workout in Winter! Below are 6 ways you can get an effective amount if exercise in Winter.

1. Indoor Biking 
If you like participating in outside activities to get your daily dose of exercise then indoor biking is a great Winter exercise substitute.

2. Rock Climbing
If you enjoy exercises with a bit of a challenge rocking climbing is perfect for you as it had different intensities.

3. Dancing
Dancing is always a good option for a workout no matter what the weather is like.

4. Yoga
Sometimes it’s way too cold and you’re muscles are sore. If that’s the case just do yoga. It’s relaxing and calming and it’s good for your muscles.

5. Lifting Weights
You don’t necessarily need to go to the gym to participate in strength training. Dumbells, kettlebells and medicine balls can easily be purchased online and used at home. Just look up some online workouts or watch YouTube videos.

6. Tv Multi Tasking
Working out while you watch tv, or even during the commercials, can burn those extra calories you’re looking for.

Which of these Winter workout ideas are your favourites?


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