Winter Drinks

Enough of all the Winter food, it’s time to talk about Winter drinks! Below I have made a list of my favourite Winter drinks.

Honeycomb Hot Chocolate
Honeycomb hot chocolate

White Chocolate Latte
White-chocolate latte

Peppermint Hot Chocolate
Peppermint hot chocolate

Vanilla Chai
Vanilla chai

Hot Choc-Caramel
Hot choc-caramel

Choc-Mint Hot Chocolate
Choc-mint hot chocolate

White Chocolate And Hazelnut Hot Chocolate
White chocolate and hazelnut hot chocolate

Chocolate Chai
Chocolate chai

Spiced Hot Chocolate
Spiced hot chocolate

Nutella And Frangelico Hot Chocolate 
Nutella & frangelico hot chocolate

Cafe Mocha
Cafe mocha

Rich Hot Chocolate
Rich hot chocolate

Ginger Chai
Ginger chai

Irish Coffee
Irish coffee

Hot Chocolate Malt
Hot chocolate malt

What’s your favourite Winter drink?


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