Sports To Try In Winter

For some people the thought of working out and being active in Winter is daunting. It’s cold and wet and you just don’t want to leave the house. But these sports will have you wanting to being active every Winter!

Ice Skating
Ice skating is an aerobic workout, so you’re burning calories by doing the same thing over an extended period of time. Ice skating is a great way to work our your entire body during Winter. Ice skating can also be a solo or group sport!

Ice Hockey
Ice hockey is a great way to have a fun game with friends or to compete in a sport during Winter. If you love your sports and don’t want to let Winter stop you from doing so, ice hockey is a great way to keep active.

Skiing is a proprioceptive activity. Meaning that skiing is a sport that allows it’s participants to feel each of their body parts moving and the amount of effort that goes into moving them. Skiing is also known to prevent aging in more ways than one!
Image result for skiing

Much like skiing snowboarding requires all of your body weight to be balanced on your feet. Snowboarding is great for balance and it’s a cardio sport so you’re working out your whole body!

Snow Mountain Biking
Snow mountain biking is basically the same as normal mountain biking except it’s during the Winter. You ride bikes with custom tyres so you’re able to ride the bike through snow. Snow mountain biking is also perfect for looking at the beauty of nature during the Winter.

Dog Sledding
What better way to spend Winter than being lead by a pack of very cute (and fluffy) dogs through the snow. Surely everyone’s thought about going dog sledding at least once in their lives!
Image result for dog sledding

Another Winter team sport, curling is a British sport where you and your team members use a broom type of stick to slide a large round stone across the ice towards a mark. The closer the stone gets, the more points your team gets. Another great way to spend time with friends, also adding a competitive touch.

What’s your favourite Winter sport?


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