BC Week 11 – All About My Dreams

Do I dream? Yes, I dream a lot. Well a lot more than the people I’m close too. Maybe I just remember my dreams more often than they do, I’m not sure. One thing I’m sure of is that I do dream, frequently, and I write them all down. Yes, every single one of them. Most of them don’t make sense. A few of them are incomplete because I forget them or I’m way too tired to think properly when writing them down.

I’ve been writing my dreams down for about 3 years now so there’s a lot of them. I deleted a lot of the ones I had when I first started writing them down. Not sure why I did that, I wish I hadn’t but eh.

I write my dreams down in story form so if I want too, I can use them for short stories or chapters in other stories at a later date. Most of them I do turn into short stories, however I haven’t concluded any of them. Because I turn most of my dreams into short stories. And I don’t use the real names of the people who were in each dream, however, I do remember who was in every dream.

I write my dreams down in the notes of my phone because it’s easier for me to do so when I’ve just woken up and don’t want to forget certain parts of a dream. When I first started doing this I did physically write them down in a notebook, I have no idea where said notebook is. Recently I’ve started to copy all my dreams into a notebook though.

There’s only one dream I never wrote down. The reason I didn’t write it down was because it scared the shit out of me. I woke up crying and shaking from fear. I was going to write it down but I couldn’t bring myself too. I just wanted to forget it. Unfortunately I can still remember it, even though I never wrote it down.

So this weeks blog challenge prompt asks if I dream, which I just answered, and it also asks me to describe one of my dreams, which I will do right now. Warning, this may not make any sense to anyone but myself.

I had another weird dream last night. I can’t remember a lot of it. Alex was there. He was mad at me. We were at this fair or something and he wouldn’t talk to me so I left him alone and went to read a book. I was sitting against the edge of one of the games. I can’t remember much more than that..

That is literally something I wrote down when I woke up after having that dream. This is an example of one of the dreams where I couldn’t remember much but was also too tired to write it in story form.

I remember wanting to turn this into a detailed excerpt for a story but I was just so tired that morning. I’m pretty sure I ended up falling back asleep after writing that.

Also, for anyone wondering Alex is a reoccurring person in my dreams. I have no idea who they are. Sometimes they’re referred to as male, other times they’re female. I never see their face. Most of my dreams are like that. But this Alex person is the only person to have said their name in a dream, other dreams I just know who each person is.


Peyton was there. I’m not sure how it started but the part I just interrupted, I can tell you that.

There was a massive group of us. Peyton and Alex included. Others like Stacy, Tahlia, and Owen were also there.

It was like we had some sort of magical powers. And because there were so many of us it became destructive so we had to leave places after we’d been there for a certain amount of time.

This place belonged to Peyton’s dad and the longer we stayed the worse it began to fall to pieces. As everyone was rushed out, Alex said he’d stay behind and fix the place. He was that kind of guy.

I saw Tahlia, Stacy and Peyton began to cry as they all left. I couldn’t help myself but cry also.

I stopped Peyton from leaving so I could hug her.

“It’ll be okay. Alex is the best at this.” I reassured her.

“Can I stay?” She asked in between sobs.

“Of course.” I replied.

I left Peyton alone to gather herself and went to see what Alex was doing.

“I’ve ordered a few things. Some of them will be here soon.” Alex told me.

As Alex finished that sentence someone showed up at the front of the bar.

Alex talked to this guy. He got and paid for the thing he had brought to us.

I woke up after that..

This one isn’t very long but it’s an example of how I write my dreams down in story form. Also, I have no idea what the hell was going on in this dream. This is one of the only dreams that I don’t remember having at all.


I was witness to a solar eclipse. I don’t even know why.

Also, that was written down in my notes lol.

So those are a few of my dreams. Again, I’m not sure if any of them make any sense lol. Do you dream?


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