BC Week 10 – Pet Peeves

This weeks bog challenges is to talk about things I hate that people do. So basically pet peeves. And if were talking about all the little things, then I have A LOT of pet peeves. So here’s a list of some of my pet peeves.

People Who Smoke In Front Of Others Not Caring What Direction The Smoke Is Going
Just get out.

Guys who leave the toilet seat up
It’s gross.

Loud Chewers

Slow Walkers
At least moveΒ out of the damn way for people who actually need to be somewhere.

Slow Drivers

Messy (Lazy) People
It’s not hard to pick up after yourself!

People Who Borrow Your Stuff & Never Give It Back
Just buy your own, come on man.

People Who Don’t Change The Toilet Roll
How hard is it?!Β (that’s what she said 😏) – But seriously.

Teenagers Who Think It’s Cool To Smoke & Drink All The Time
Like no, you’re fucking your body up before it’s even fully developed.

People Who Respond To Texts WithΒ Β KK, Lol, K, Etc
Don’t even bother talking to me.

Tall People Who Sit Directly In Front Of You At The Movie Theater
*rolls eyes*

People Who Don’t Cover Their Face When They Sneeze/Cough

People Who Don’t UseΒ Punctuation
If you have a question, use a damn question mark!


Drivers Who Don’t Use A Turn Signal
You know itΒ can get you finedΒ right?

People Who Are Mean To Animals
Why? How heartless are you?

People Who Feel The Need To Do Everything You Do Down To The Very Last Detail
Like no, go do your own shit. Stop copying what I do and do your own thing.

People Who Don’t Know The Difference Between You’re/Your,Β Its/It’s And They’re/Their/There
Get a dictionary.


Celebrity Baby Names
Nobody actually thinks any of those names when they’re having a child. Attention seeking much.

People Who Still Use Gay Or Retard(ed) As An Insult
Grow up.

People Who, No Matter What, Relate To Something You Have Done And Try To “One Up” You

PeOpLe WhO TyPe LiKe ThIs
Why spend so much effort on something so stupid?

I know this list was kinda long and I’m sorry, kinda.
What’s one of your pet peeves?


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