Warming Winter Meals

In Summer I did a similar blog post to this where I listed some of my favourite Summer meals, well this post is basically the same but instead of my favourite Summer meals I’m going to list some of my favourite Winter meals that I tend to eat when it’s extremely cold. 

Some of these recipe’s aren’t vegetarian, all I do is remove (or replace) any meat. Most of the time I use recipes that include meat and then tweak the ingredients and method to my liking!

Cauliflower Mac & Cheese
Cauliflower mac 'n' cheese

Sweet Potato Soup
Sweet potato soup

Mashed Peas
Although mashed peas aren’t the best idea for an entire meal I’m still adding them to this list as I love eating mashed peas as a side dish with a lot of the foods I eat in winter!
Old-fashioned mushy peas

Pea And Parsley Risoni
Pea and parsley risoni

Spinach And Broccoli Soup
Spinach and broccoli soup

Cauliflower And Spinach Dahl
Cauliflower and spinach dahl

Lentil And Potato Burgers
Lentil and potato burgers

Corn And Noodle Soup
Even though this recipe contains chicken it’s my go to recipe for corn and noodle soup as I like all the other ingredients. Again, I just remove or replace the ingredients I don’t like.
Chicken and corn noodle soup

Zucchini And Carrot Quiche
Zucchini and carrot quiche

Silverbeet Lasagne
Silverbeet lasagne


Individual Vegetable Pies
Individual vegetable pies

Green Fried Rice
Green fried rice

Green Minestrone With Gremolata
Green minestrone with gremolata

Zucchini And Carrot Bake
Zucchini and carrot bake

What’s your favourite Winter meal?


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