Vegan Meal Alternatives

As most of you may know I’ve been vegetarian for 2 years and I would also like to transition into a vegan lifestyle in the near future. Lately I’ve been watching a lot of vegan YouTubers and seeing what they eat. I mainly look for vegan food alternatives to very popular non-vegan recipes.

Doing this has helped me so much to find vegan alternatives that aren’t necessarily labelled as vegan. It has also helped me to want to cook more homemade foods for myself. Because of all this I have decided to share 5Β of my favourite vegan alternatives of common non-vegan foods.

All of this will be based on YouTube videos, so I am sure there are blog posts out there that also show vegan alternatives. I might do a post on that later in time!

Anyways, on with the post!

Recently Cammie posted a video of her trying out a homemade vegan nacho cheese while showing you how to make it along the way. While nachos aren’t my favourite food I absolutely love the ingredients she used in this video. It really made me want to try this nacho cheese sauce!
Screenshot (66).png
Screenshot (65).png

I always thought sushi was one of the most exciting and colourful foods out there but not liking fish I never tried them. Even before I went vegetarian. Where I live people don’t really make vegetarian alternatives, so tutorials on how to make vegan sushi really help! This video byΒ Kicki Yang Zhang really helps as she shows different ways you can make sushi!

Stir Fry
To be completely honest I’m not the biggest fan of stir fry’s. I tend to be extremely picky with the ingredients that are included and the way things are cooked. I found this tutorial by Plantbased Judy is an extremely helpful and quick vegan stir fry tutorial!

Before I went vegetarian lasagne was actually one of my favourite foods to have on occasion. Finding this vegan lasagne recipe by The Vegan Corner was one of the best food related things ever to be honest. I’ve used this recipe multiple times and it’s absolutely amazing!
Screenshot (91)Screenshot (90)

French Toast
I’m not a big fan of cinnamon so I don’t add as much as you’re supposed too or I find an alternative spice. When I was looking for tutorial for vegan breakfasts I found this video by Cam And Nina. It’s another quick and easy video so you won’t get confused by what to do.
Screenshot (88)Screenshot (89)

What’s your favourite vegan alternative to a common non-vegan food?


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