BC Week 6 – My Crushes

Who are the last three people I had a crush on and how long did they last? To be honest I’m really not the type of person to have crushes on people. But these are three people I’ve had a crush on once before (if that’s what you want to call it).

Note: Yes, they are all celebrities.

Selena Gomez
Ever since Wizards Of Waverly Place first aired on Disney Channel I have always loved Selena. I buy all her music and movies. I actually love all her songs and most of the movies she’d been in. She’s an amazing singer and a wonderful actress. She’s also incredibly beautiful. From what I’ve heard she’s also one of the most down to earth celebrities.Β And her style is so adorable!

I’ve had a crush on Selena since 2007, when I was 8. And obviously this crush is still on going!

Reece Mastin
For anyone who doesn’t know who he is, he was the winner of season 3 of X-Factor Australia. Ever since Reece auditioned for X-Factor in 2011 I’ve liked him and his music taste. He was actually the reason I first got a twitter account (my first tweet is a retweet of his). I liked Reece for about 2 years. I kind of lost interest in him after I met him in January of 2013 (he was my first “real” concert). He is an incredible performer live.

I also collected whatever merch I could of his. I actually still have the signed cd’s I brought and my concert ticket which he also signed.

Kellin Quinn (/Sleeping With Sirens)
After I lost interest in Reece Mastin, One Direction, 5 Seconds Of Summer and similar bands/artists I started listening to more post hardcore, punk rock, pop punk and alternative music. Sleeping With Sirens and Pierce The Veil were the first two bands I really listened to and enjoyed. Obviously that changed over time.

I knew who Kellin was and that he was in Sleeping With Sirens, I just never really took the time to give that type of music a chance. I was judging it based on stereotypes which is never something you should do. Eventually I fell in love with a lot more alternative bands and artists.

I started liking these bands in lateΒ 2014 (I think) and I still like them now.

Who’s your celebrity crush?


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