BC Week 4 – 7 Signs I’m Into Somebody

This weeks post took a lot of time to think about. I really don’t know seven signs that I’m into somebody. But I did my best at trying to come up with as many as I could! 

1. I Don’t Use Emojis As Often
If your presence means something to me I’ll tend to want to be serious rather than playful. I’d want you to think that whatever I said, I meant. This one doesn’t really make that much sense but eh.

2. I Won’t Correct Your Grammar
Yes, I’m that person. It annoys me so f**king much when people are too lazy to use proper English. I’m referring to using R, HRU, WUD, U, UR, etc not mixing up the correct there’s and your’s. That annoys me too, but no where near as much as “internet” words do.

3. Making Eye Contact
In person I don’t usually look at people when I talk to them. I don’t know why, I just don’t like doing so. So if I look at you when we’re talking it means I want to talk to you/am enjoying what you’re saying.

4. I Answer Your Calls
This one is huge for me. I absolutely HATE answering the phone and ringing people. I only answer a select few when they call me and I never call anyone except my mum. So if I’m answering your phone calls, it means something.

5. I Tell My Friends About You
I have a very, very small circle of friends. Out of these friends if I mention you too them it means I have some sort of feelings towards you. I don’t often tell my friends about the people I like as most of the time it doesn’t last or my friends don’t like said person for reasons I don’t like to listen to (in which case, they’re right most of the time). So if I talk about you to my friends, I’m feeling something.

6. I Use Detail
If I want to talk to you I will often use a lot of detail when doing so. Like talking about my day, how I feel or what I’m doing. If I have feelings for you then I want you to know what I’m doing, rather than just saying “not much” or giving one word answers. I tend to be a lot more communicative to people I like.

7. I Make Time For You
I have my phone on my basically 24/7 so if I’m not replying to you chances are you don’t interest me or what you’re saying doesn’t interest me. But if I have an interest in you I will talk to you, even if I don’t agree with/like what you’re saying.

What’s something you do if you’re into somebody?


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