The Fitness Tag

Recently I’ve been getting really into doing tags on my personal blog. And it came across my mind that I haven’t done a tag on this blog and surely there’s at least one around there. And surely enough, I found one. Multiple actually.

Anyways, today’s tag is the fitness tag! I found this tag onΒ Nishat Nguyen’s Youtube channel. I’m not 100 percent sure who came up with the tag but this is where I found the questions.

Just a quick note, there is a second part to this tag where you show a bunch of fitness moves. I will not being doing that part as I’m not comfortable with being on camera yet.

Anyways, lets get to the questions!

How fit do you consider yourself to be? Are you happy with the shape you’re in?
I would consider myself to be on a journey. I’m not yet at the finish line but I’m certainly not where I started. I’m not happy with the shape I’m in, however I’m still learning to love my body and myself no matter what my size is.

Do you play any sports?
Not at the moment. I’d like to start getting into some sports but I’m just not good at it. I used to do dancing (if you want to count that as a sport) and I’d love to start that again.

Besides those, do you exercise as well?
Yes. I don’t go to a gym though. I’ve set a goal to start going to a gym after I move and am settled in. I do, do as many workouts as I can with the time I have.

Do you have any fitness or health related goals?
To be able to do a hand stand, to weigh under 65kgs (143.3 pounds) and to build muscle. I’ve grown up being the “chubby kid” and I’ve always hated it. I went to extreme measures to try and lose weight and all it did was give me health problems and a negative mind set.

Which celebrity’s body would you like to have, or do you have anybody else who inspires you?
Selena Gomez. Selena is my inspiration and role model for basically everything. HerΒ positivityΒ and confidence is what motivates me to want to have a healthy lifestyle. She also has the type of body I’ve always dreamed of having.

What’s your favorite and/or least favorite exercise?
Push ups. I absolutely suck at push ups.

How important is leading an active and healthy lifestyle for you?
Extremely. I grew up in a family that really didn’t care for their heath. My family never cared what went into our bodies. Recently my mum has started using meal replacing shakes wish decrease her energy by over half, and seeing her go through that really motivates me to want to have a healthy lifestyle instead of resorting to meal replacing foods/drinks.

How much attention to a healthy diet do you pay?
Recently I’ve started to get really into paying attention to the types of food I eat rather than how much I eat. I’m still trying to teach my self that more of the good food is better than less of the bad food!

What’s your biggest diet secret?
The more you enjoy preparing and making your food the more you’re going loveΒ eating it.

Do you smoke, or have you ever smoked in the past?
No I don’t, nor have I ever attempted to smoke in the past.

If you would like to do this tag, you have just been tagged!



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