BC Week 3 – Things I Have Trouble Doing

Honestly, this post could go on forever. I could list a million and one things I have trouble doing. However everyone has trouble doing certain things and that would be a very boring post.

For this weeks blog challenge I thought that I’d list the top 3Β things I have the most trouble doing. These 3Β things stand out more than other things.

1. Eating
Running a health and fitness blog and having this as my first point makes it sound like the blog I run is fake. Well allow me to explain. When I was around 10/11 (5th grade) I had this “friend” who would take all the food and money that I was given for school. Being 10 years old I thought her family didn’t give her food and she needed it so I gave her mine. At first I was willing but as the years passed I realized it wasn’t normal. She was taking my food and lunch money because she could. Because she had such a great deal of power over me. This continued until the end of 7th grade when I finally stood up for myself and told her enough was enough. We were no longer friends after that.

After that I had to learn to start eating again during school hours which was so hard for me to do. And I succeeded, for a short amount of time. After a few months I stopped eating during school again. Everyone would watch me eat because they’d never seen my do so before. They’d make jokes about what I ate and say things like “are you feeling alright? I see you have food today” as if me bring food to school meant I was sick. That caused me to stop eating again. I didn’t want people looking at me or making snarly comments about what I ate. So I just stopped. I wouldn’t eat at all during the 7 (I think) hours I was at school.

At first I would binge eat as soon as I got home, but then my parents started commenting on how much I was eating and the types of food I was eating. So I stopped eating when I came home from school. At this point I was now only eating dinner because my family ate together. At first I wouldn’t finish everything on my plate then it progressed to me not eating at all. This was understandable to my family as I didn’t eat the “types” of food they did. My family was also very strict on the “you eat what you’re given or nothing at all” rule.

So time passed and I wasn’t eating at all. I remember it getting to a point where I didn’t eat at all during the business week (Monday to Friday) and on Saturday we were going somewhere so I had a few grapes (maximum 6) before we left. I was physically sick for the rest of the day. And having a fear of vomiting that lead me to stop eating again.

Skip ahead 4 years and here we are. I’m eating a lot more than I used too. I’m also eating a lot more healthy foods in smaller portions. Rather than having 3 big meals, now I’ll have 6 or 7 smaller meals. After dealing with on and off eating habits for the past 8 years I do have my slip ups (more often than I’d like), but as the days progress I’m getting better at it! Some days I do forget to eat and my body doesn’t remind me because it still thinks it’s normal.

ButΒ that’s why I have trouble remembering to eat sometimes. Sometimes I even have to set myself reminders. But it’s getting better!

2. Having A Long Lasting Sleeping Schedule
If you follow my twitter you might already know how awful my sleeping patterns are. I live in Australia but sometimes I’ll have a sleeping schedule equivalent to London, Los Angeles or New YorkΒ while still in the Australian timezone. For example the people in the GMT timezoneΒ are getting up when it’s around 4pm AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time), people in the PST timezone get up at around 12am AEST and people in the EST timezone get up at around 9pm AEST. There has been times when I’ve woken up at 4pm, 12am, or 9pm.

I don’t know if anything I said above made any sense. But I don’t really have a set in stone sleeping schedule, although I really wish I did. I don’t know how to make one stick lol.

3. Driving
In early October of 2015 I took my learners test (in Australia to get your learners you need to take a theory test), and pasted with a 100% test result. However, in the 6 months after taking that test I haven’t sat behind the drivers side in a car once. It terrifies me. Every aspect of it. I’d absolutely love to be able to drive, but I can’t bring myself too attempt it.

Every aspect of driving scares me. The car itself. The other people driving cars. Idiots who have a licence. Other vehicles (trucks mainly). Accident statistics. The town I live in has a highway that goes right through it and there tends to be a lot (A LOT) of accidents just before you enter and exit where I live. There’s also a lot of reckless teenagers who seems to think it’s okay to drive when drunk, high or tired.

Maybe one day I’ll have the courage to get behind the wheel, but that day isn’t today or any time soon.

What is something that you have trouble doing?


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