Being Vegetarian – My Experience

April 18th 2014 I decided to give vegetarianism a try. I had never eaten much meat before that and thought ‘why not, I basically already am’.

I remember telling my family that I was now vegetarian. At first they all laughed at me, which I understood because I had tried vegetarianism a few months before that and given up no less then a week later. However, back then I didn’t really know anything about vegetarianism and how it worked.

I will admit about a week into the transformation I forgot that I was vegetarian and ended up eating a cabanossi stick, they were my favourite and one of the only meats (I didn’t like real meat. I only ever ate processed meat) I ate beforehand. But that was the only slip up I had.

The reason why I did slip up more than once (I probably did slip up more than once but I can only remember one time) is because I never ate much meat beforehand so the transformation was quite easy for me.

Before I was vegetarian I didn’t know much about nutrition or what healthy eating meant, two years later and I know a lot more about both subjects. I will admit that I don’t know near as much as what I would like too, but every day my knowledge grows!

When I compare this year to this time last year a lot of things have changed in my diet revolving around my health. I’m cooking my own food more. I’m drinking A LOT more water. I’m trying more foods. I’m eating the required amount of food for my age. I actually enjoy eating food.

The last two years have been very exciting and adventurous and I am very excited for the next two years and the two after that (and so on)!

So yeah, that’s my experience with being vegetarian. Would you ever consider becoming vegetarian?


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