BC Week 2 – 5 Not So Basic Things About Me

For this weeks blog challenge I tried to think of 5 facts that no one knows about me. This was quite difficult as I had to think of 15 facts about myself for a blog challenge on my main blog and I’m amazed I managed to get 15.

But in the end I managed to think of another 5 facts which aren’t in my main blogs blog challenge. If you would like to know about the 15 facts from my main blog, stay stunned tomorrow. It’ll be posted tomorrow!

1. I can twist (flip?) my tongue 180ΒΊ. I don’t know how I found out I could do this, but I can. I can still do it with a tongue piercing! Β Kinda of like the picture below but the entire way around, so the top of my tongue is on the bottom, and vice versa. I tried to find a picture but I didn’t have any luck. The photo below isn’t me by the way.

2. I’m the only person in my family with blue eyes. My mum wears blue tinted contacts but her eyes are naturally green. My dad’s eyes are green and my sisters eyes are hazel (more brown than green).

3. I’m also the only left handed member in my entire family (including my mum and dad’s parents).

4. I can’t stand to have any notifications on any of the apps on my phone. You know those little red bubbles that pop up when you have a notification on a certain app? Yeah, I can’t stand those.

5. Within the next 5 years I want to move to a small apartment in the city, but ultimately I want to live on a farm in a suburb outside the city.

What’s a not so basic fact about yourself?


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