BC Week 1 – My Personal And Online Lives

The fullΒ prompt for this week is “the difference between your personal and internet lives.”


I really didn’t know how to set this weeks blog post out so I’ve decided to write the differences between my personal and online personas and also some similarities between the both.


I goΒ places, or I make it look like I do
This is mostly on Twitter and Instagram, I post a lot of pictures of nature, plants and the sky. I really enjoy taking these pictures but they’re all different, so it looks like I go places and do things. In reality, I leave the house maybe once a week. There are times when I’ll go places for multiple days, like Easter weekend I stayed somewhere with my mum and sister. That doesn’t happen often.

On my Twitter I tweet excessively about always writing and learning new things. I don’t write or study near as much as I say I do. In order for me to write (or study) I have to be in a certain mood and lately that mood hasn’t been present. But recently I am getting more into learning my French. That is something I have finally started getting in the habit of doing.

I make myself out to be this incredibly organised person. While I am, very organised. Certain things annoy me if they aren’t done or if something is misplaced or messy. But I am nowhere near as organised as I seem.

On my main blog and my Twitter I make it out like I’m a huge avid reader. Truth is, I don’t read near as much as I say I do. I used to read all the time, then I kind of just lost interest in it. But as of lately I’m really getting back in to it. But no where near as much as I say I do, or as much as I’d like too.



I know of people who fake their music tastes just to be more relevant and to relate to more people. I don’t. My music taste is constantly differing. I tweet a lot of song lyrics from songs which I do listen to. I don’t tweet those lyrics because I think they’d be relatable, I tweet them because I genuinely like the lyrics and the song it came from. I have an incredibly wide range of music taste, although I do prefer alternative music.

I’m planning on doing a music related blog post on my main blog in the future, so I’ll talk more about the music I listen to then!

On my twitter I will often talk about being introverted. Mostly about stereotypical introvert topics like having to leave the house, getting into relationships, making friends etc. In real life I am pretty much the stereotypical introvert. I like being alone. I like not leaving the house. I have like 2 friends because I have no idea how to actually make friends, etc.

All of my hobbies and interests that I talk about on social media I actually do/like. I talk about writing, photography and learning languages the most. All of which I have an interest in. I’m currently writing (duh), I enjoy taking photos as often as I can and I’m currently teaching myself French.

Having a fitness blog and tumblr I do talk about food a lot. Every time I make a post about food, working out, health or fitness I am genuinely talking from my stomach so 99% of what I say is either because I’m hungry or because I’m eating at the time.

Do you agree with people refining themselves for the internet?


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