Pre And Post Workout Food

What’s the point in working and exercising if you’re not eating the correct foods before and after you exercise? Whether that be running or hitting the gym, this article will help you choose the most effect pre and post workout foods!

Note: links lead to picture credits, not all links will have a recipe.

Pre Workout
Meal (1 to 2 hours before workout)
Lettuce wrap
Veggie omelette
Rice and broccoli
Healthy salad
Egg whites


Snack (60 to 90 minutes before workout)
AppleΒ and peanut butter
Banana and almonds
Fruit smoothie
Dried fruit


Post Workout
Meal (immediately after workout)
Whole grain wrap with spinach (and turkey if you’d like)
Salmon and sweet potato
Stir fry
Light pizza


Snack (immediately after workout)
Chocolate milk
Hummus and baby carrots
Cheese and wholegrain crackers
Protein shake
Greek yogurt and berries

What are your favourite pre and post workout foods?



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