15 Fitness Hacks!

Everyone needs some tips some times. These 15 fitness hacks will have you wanting to work out!

1. Video Games
It sounds crazy, but game consoles like the Nintendo Wii and Xbox Kinect have a wide range of fitness related games that encourage you to exercise in a fun way. They also have the more traditional workout games!

2. Early Bird Gets The Worm
Wake up earlier and get your workout for the day done! When you wake up you’ll have more energy and motivation to want to work out. Plus if you get up early enough in Summer it’s not hot yet so you can work out more/longer.

3. Stress ExerciseΒ Instead of Stress Eat
Everyone gets stressed, it’s normal. Usually we turn straight to food when we’re stressed, try turning to exercise instead. You can let all your anger out and you’ll be burning calories too!

4. Multi Task
Everyone hates commercials, so when your favourite tv show is on why don’t you so a short workout during the commercials. Every tv show roughly goes for 45 minutes, that’s roughly 15 minutes of commercials.

5. Eat An Orange
Eating an orange before a workout will not only keep you hydrated while you work out it will also prevent your muscles from getting sore.

6. Reward Yourself
Every time you successfully work out reward yourself by putting $10 or even $5 away. Then at the end of the year buy something you’ve always wanted or take a trip somewhere!

7. Dance Your Heart Out
Dancing is proven to be one of the most effective full body workouts. Who doesn’t love dancing? Spend some time (even with friends) just dancing your heart out to your favourite song!

8. Jump Rope
Jumping rope for 10 to 15 minutes can burn up to 200 calories. And it’s a full body work out.

9. Running
It’s said that if you run at different times it can be more effect for different aspects of your body. For example, running in the morning (before you eat breakfast) is said to help weight loss whereas running in the afternoon helps with speed and endurance.

10. Water
Drawing on yourΒ waterΒ bottle can help to remind you how much water you should be drinking and by when. Doing this helps if you have a very busy work day!

11. Tongue?
Apparently if you put your tongue on the roof of your mouth when doing sit ups it prevents your neck from straining. Who knew?

12. Night Owl
As previously stated inΒ fitness hack two working out when you wake up give you more energy to work out more. However working out before bed causes your muscles to burn more calories while you sleep.

13. Monday!
Never forget to workout on Monday. Working out on Monday sets a psychological pattern for the rest of the week.

14. Left. Right. Left. Right.
To avoid cramps while running exhale as your left foot hits the ground.

15. Green Tea
Like fitness hack 12 drinking green tea allows your body toΒ calories as you sleep. However drinking green tea also boosts your metabolism!

So there you go, 15 fitness hacks that will make it easier to get active. Which of these 15 fitness hacks didn’t you know?


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