Tv Show & Movie Workouts


So this is my first post on this blog (yay omg) and I’ve been trying to think of what to do as a first post and I have nothing original so forgive me for this unoriginal (kinda) post.Β 

I was watching Lost on Netflix (bc I just got Netflix & I’m addicted). But I seen a post on Pinterest that had a work out related to Lost and that got me curious if there was more of these for other tv shows.Β 

Originally I was just going to get a bunch of pictures from the tv shows and movies I watched and upload them in this post and that was it. But I decided that I’d make my own.Β 

So here are 14 of my own personalised tv show/movie workouts (names of movies/tv shows listed at the bottom).

P.s these are the tv shows/movies that I watch most! If you’d like a certain tv show or movie, let me know and I might make another post like this!






Tv shows are:
American Horror Story – Murder House
American Horror Story – Asylum
American Horror Story – Coven
PrettyΒ Little Liars
Criminal Minds
Vampire Diaries

Movies are:
10 Things I Hate About You
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Silence of the Lambs
Home Alone

If used please don’t edit any of them. Give credit please! (These were taken off my previous blog I had on Blogger, hence theΒ watermark beingΒ not But they are still mine!!)

Love y’all


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